Jennifer Matthew,
Nurse Practitioner
in Pensacola, FL

Meet Jennifer Matthew, one of the talented nurse practitioners at Mind Body & Soul Medical!

Caring NP at Mind Body & Soul Medical

Jennifer’s Education & Experience

A nurse practitioner for 25 years, Jennifer received her Doctor of Nursing degree from the University of Alabama in 2011. Prior to enrolling in Method Aesthetics Academy, she worked in occupational medicine for most of her career. Now an advanced aesthetic injector, Jennifer is dedicated to continuing her education so that she can always help her patients achieve their ideal results!

Jennifer Mathew - Mind Body & Soul Medical
Mind body and Soul Medical Aesthetics

Stunningly Sculpted

Jennifer’s Favorites

As an advanced injector, Jennifer loves providing treatments that harness the body’s natural healing capabilities and innovatively using fillers. Get to know about Jennifer’s favorite services!


Jennifer tackles facial lines with wrinkle-freezing neurotoxins like XEOMIN® and more.

Lip Fillers

A plump pout perfect for your unique face is one of Jennifer’s specialties!


RADIESSE®’s capabilities as a collagen generator make it one of Jennifer’s favorites for a reason!

Mind Body & Soul Medical - Jennifer

Your Lifelong Aesthetic Partner

Get to Know Jennifer

When she’s not treating patients or indulging in her favorite ZO Skincare, you can find Jennifer spending time at her home in Fairhope, AL. She lives with her husband, two daughters, and English bulldog Boudin, and has two amazing stepchildren who now live and work in other parts of the country. She’s brought her love for the industry home with her, with her elder daughter entering nursing school and her younger daughter aiming to become an aesthetician!