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Our founder and fearless pioneer, Marlee Bruno, has made a name for herself in the medical aesthetics industry with years of work and innovation leading to her path as an educator and her reputation as an expert injector and regenerative medicine specialist. Here, you’ll find more about Marlee’s work and appearances in the press.

Media Appearances & Interviews

From magazines to television, Marlee is no stranger to the press. She’s been honored and highlighted by a range of platforms for her industry work and exceptional care in delivering patients the needed services.


Inside the scramble to find weight loss medications amid shortages

Marlee discusses the ongoing shortages of hormonal weight loss medications.

Ozempic users travel 1000 miles for weight loss drugs

Marlee weighs in on the weight loss drug shortages and patients traveling for medications.

Ozempic users are traveling 1,000 MILES to find doses amid shortages of weight loss drug as people scramble to burn fat before summer

Marlee describes how patients travel to access their medications amid shortages for a more confident summer.

Give & Glow – Sunscreen Donation Station

Mind Body & Soul Medical launches their first Sunscreen Donation Station in honor of UV awareness month. New sunscreen products are donated to Waterfront Rescue Mission, a non-profit dedicated to providing resources and recovery services to underserved populations in Pensacola.
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Meet Marlee Herself

Marlee wouldn’t be here today without the support and feedback of her patients. From making your goals a reality to helping patients regain their confidence, Marlee does everything with you at heart. Learn more about what Marlee does and find out what she can do for you when you [schedule a consultation] with our fabulous founder herself.

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