DAXXIFY Injections in
Pensacola, FL

This innovative anti-wrinkle neurotoxin lasts twice as long as similar products and is the perfect way to soften lines with minimal upkeep!

A Long-Lasting Solution for Youthful Skin

What is DAXXIFY®?

DAXXIFY® is a revolutionary neurotoxin that differentiates itself from other products thanks to its unique composition and ability to last up to six to nine months. It’s the first neurotoxin to use a completely novel peptide to stabilize botulinum toxin A, unlike other treatments that use human serum albumin or cow’s milk protein, making it a human and animal byproduct-free choice. DAXXIFY® works like other neurotoxins and prevents the repetitive muscular contractions that lead to wrinkles and folds over time. By targeting lines at the source, your muscles relax and your skin becomes smooth once more, for far longer than you would get with other neurotoxins!

Mind Body & Soul Medical Daxxify for injection

What Can DAXXIFY® Help With?

Glabellar (Frown) Lines

DAXXIFY® banishes frown lines for a friendlier look!

Crow’s Feet

Smile confidently with a softened eye area!

Forehead Creases

Smooth away your look of constant surprise.

Corners of the Mouth

Say goodbye to your downturned mouth.

Cobblestone Chin

Diminish “orange peel chin.”

Gummy Smile

Hide your gumline, without surgery!

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Why Choose Mind Body & Soul Medical for Your DAXXIFY® Injections?

Our injectors are expert practitioners thanks to their years of training and commitment to continual education. We’re proud to stand at the forefront of the industry by learning about and bringing on new injectables like DAXXIFY® to provide our patients with the most advanced treatments on the market. When you come to Mind Body & Soul Medical for DAXXIFY®, you can rest assured that you’ll get gorgeous results from those who are passionate about moving the industry forward.