Lip Blushing in Pensacola, FL

Your lips but better, semi-permanently: discover our skillfully performed lip blushing service at Mind Body & Soul Medical!

What is a Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is a type of semi-permanent tattoo that brings out the shape and color of your lips. A well-performed lip blushing tattoo creates the illusion of fullness, without adding the volume that filler does. It’s perfect for no-makeup days and helping you feel fabulous no matter what! Depositing tiny dots of pigment, we use a shade that enhances your natural lip color based on a stencil that’s pre-approved by you, emphasizing your natural shape and giving you the perfect pout — no lipstick necessary!

Mind Body & Soul Medical - Lip Blushing

What Can Lip Blushing Help With?

Effortless Beauty

You’ll always have the perfect shade!

Fullness Without Filler

Plump your pout without adding any volume!

Defined Lips

Enhance your shape for an alluring look.

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What Can I Expect from Lip Blushing?

To ensure that lip blushing is right for you, the first appointment is a 30-minute consultation where our lip blushing expert Ingrid will discuss everything you need to know with you and answer your questions. She’ll perform a patch test, and you’ll need to bring in your favorite lip shades to wear, to ensure that your results are out of this world!

Before Treatment

Prior to your treatment, please avoid picking at your lips and sun exposure: you should not have any wounds or sores. Ingrid will cleanse and exfoliate your lips as prep and create a sketch of what your lips will look like after the treatment.

During Treatment

Once you’re completely satisfied with the sketch, Ingrid will begin blushing! She’ll apply a numbing agent beforehand, so you’re comfortable. This session typically takes about three hours.

After Treatment

Once you’re finished with the initial session, Ingrid will book your next session as lip blushing requires a touch up. You’ll notice color fading, typically around 50% of the pigment, so the second session is essential to ensure a perfect pout! Please avoid smoking, skin picking, and sun exposure during this time.

A Forever Flush

Is Lip Blushing Right for Me?

If you’re looking for an easy way to stay stunning constantly, lip blushing is likely right for you! The effortless makeup-like effect it has can be used on all different kinds of skin tones and types, so if you want to alter or even out your natural lip color, Ingrid can make it happen. If you’ve had any tattoos done before, lip blushing operates a little differently: that’s why Ingrid will patch test you and discuss the ins and outs of the procedure with you in consultation, as well as cover your medical history to see if there is any risk of allergy.

Lip Blushing Gallery

Lip blushing results so gorgeous, you’ll forget about testing lipstick on your hands!

Why Choose Us for Lip Blushing?

At Mind Body & Soul Medical, our philosophy involves upholding the highest standards in the industry. We wouldn’t be able to do that without compassionate, expert providers whose skilled hands and experience are able to make anyone’s dreams a reality. Not only does Ingrid specialize in crisper, subtler advanced lip blushing technique, she’s trained with top lip blushing expert Maya Zarova at Face Tuning Studio in Houston, TX. Ingrid embodies our founder Marlee Bruno’s ethos of providing the best possible results for each patient, and she is guaranteed to get you the highly sought after symmetrical and defined look that has made lip blushing one of the most popular semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos!