Semaglutides/Ozempic® in Pensacola, FL

Discover the weight loss power of Ozempic®, or semaglutide, with the compassionate team at Mind Body & Soul Medical!

Medical Weight Loss

What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide, also known as Ozempic®, is an innovative medication that helps regulate blood sugar and promote weight loss in patients who otherwise struggle with a typical regimen of diet and exercise. A once-weekly injection, semaglutide helps your body use stored fat for energy if you have a higher body-mass index. Under the controlled guidance of our team and as part of a medical weight loss program, we’ll help you shed unwanted weight and get the body of your dreams.
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What are the Benefits of Ozempic®?

Manage Portion Control

Feel fuller faster!

Quick, Weekly Injection

Minimal work on your part with easy injections!

Safe for Long-Term Use

Go the distance on your weight loss journey.

Treats Obesity as Metabolic Disease

The balanced, modern way to treat obesity.

No Unique Diet Necessary

Keep eating what you love!

Helps Drop 15-20% Bodyweight

Shed the pounds easily!

Semaglutide candidate

Who is a Candidate for Semaglutide?

Obese or overweight patients who are looking to slip into their dream body are candidates for semaglutide injections. Ozempic® is safe to use, and the length of treatment is individually tailored to you. We’ll discuss your candidacy and the details of our medical weight loss program with you in a thorough consultation, so that we can ensure Ozempic® is the best choice for you and your body.

How Does Semaglutide Work?

Ozempic® works differently than previous weight loss medications. It’s not an appetite suppressant: rather, it mimics a naturally created hormone within the body that helps produce feelings of fullness that limit your appetite naturally. It simultaneously moves food along the digestive tract at a faster rate and causes your body to use stored fat for energy. This helps to minimize cravings, especially because the hormone receptors semaglutide acts upon regulate our reward pathways linked to food.

How Fast Will I Lose Weight with Semaglutide?

Your starting BMI, muscle mass, food consumption, and other factors all play into the rate in which you’ll lose weight. Most patients start seeing results within a week or two on Ozempic®, and we typically start patients off with a lower dose to ensure that they can tolerate the medication. Once we’ve built up your dose to a consistent place with your rate of weight loss, you should start dropping weight within a few months. However, everyone is different, and some patients may see results quicker than others.

Why Choose Us for Medical Weight Loss with Ozempic®?

At Mind Body & Soul Medical, we’re proud to offer our patients the latest and most innovative medical weight loss options, and they’re all backed by science. The research and results we’ve seen from semaglutide injections show that it’s one of the best ways to lose excess weight, and our experts have the medical experience to monitor and help you achieve your goals. We’ll conduct regular check-ins with you and perform blood work to make sure that you’re dropping the pounds in the safest manner possible, and you can expect to have nothing but our unwavering support during the entire process!