Personal Fitness Programs
in Pensacola, FL

The key to a well-rounded lifestyle is a healthy exercise routine. At Mind Body & Soul Medical, you can trust our experts to devise the perfect personal fitness plan for you!

Fitter, Healthier, Happier

Personal Fitness Plans to Better Your Mind, Body & Soul

Taking care of your body is essential to improving your physical and mental wellbeing. Exercise and personal fitness help regulate our mood, boost our immunity, and so much more beyond the immediate physical benefits. Incorporating a personal fitness plan into your lifestyle will help you get back in touch with yourself. With our personal fitness programs organized at Rough House Fitness, owned and operated by personal coach, Eric Fenner, you’ll feel your overall health and wellbeing improve thanks to the myriad benefits of regular exercise.
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Tailored Programs by Local Trainers at Rough-House Fitness in Pensacola, FL

We’ve partnered with Rough-House Fitness to bring you personalized fitness programs that meet you where you are and help you crush your goals. We’ll work with you and the Rough-House team to come up with a personalized fitness plan that’s perfectly tailored to your needs and current level of ability. Personal trainer Eric Fenner will help you push yourself to new heights and achieve what you never thought was possible!

Why Choose Us for Personal Fitness Plans?

When it comes to medical weight loss, using medication that treats obesity as metabolic disease is only one part of the equation. Fitness is another: it’s essential that you strengthen your body and mind during this period of change because it will help you realize what you’re truly capable of. Our compassionate team can’t wait to help put all the pieces together for you, balancing your mind, body, and soul with a customized plan that will help you succeed in all aspects of life.