Meet the Owner: Marlee Bruno,

Marlee Bruno is a highly skilled aesthetics provider and inspiring educator who helps patients and students alike uncover their best selves.

Helping people discover their strength, beauty, and power

A Medically Trained Beacon of Beauty

Before starting Mind Body & Soul Medical, Marlee received a Master’s degree in medicine from Nova Southeastern University. A board-certified physician assistant, she worked in emergency medicine for ten years. Though Marlee has traditional medical training, she’s also received a great deal of supplemental education from many different cultures. By being taught and mentored by world renowned physicians and spiritual leaders, like Deepak Chopra, Gabor Mate, Bruce Lipton, and Lissa Rankin, Marlee broadened her knowledge of a range of wellness practices.

Adding to her expertise, Marlee is an associate professor at Florida State University and the University of South Alabama, and regularly trains future physicians and physician assistants. She has vast experience in adult and pediatric primary care, cosmetic surgery, as well as internal, tribal medicine, and integrative and functional medicine.

Why Marlee Started Mind Body & Soul Medical

Marlee’s overarching goal is to help patients look and feel the way they desire, which was her driving force in starting Mind Body & Soul Medical. She aims to build lasting relationships with her patients to help them discover and embrace their health, vitality, and confidence.

Badass Clinician, Helping You Feel Good Inside & Out

Some of Marlee’s Favorite Procedures

While Marlee is well versed in a wide range of aesthetic and medical procedures, there are some that truly stand out to her. If she could do these every single day, that would be just fine with her!

PDO Threads

Giving patients a facial transformation is one of Marlee’s passions, which is one reason she favors PDO threads. As a provider with exceptional attention to fine details, she loves doing PDO thread lifts to help her patient’s look stunning while remaining true to their natural features.

Full Facial Balance
with Dermal Fillers

Marlee believes in taking a holistic approach when it comes to treating her patients’ facial concerns and understands how each feature relates to one another to create a complete look. She enjoys using this knowledge and her sharp eye to help her patients achieve facial balance non-surgically.

Regenerative Medicine
with Sculptra®, Dilute RADIESSE®,
and Exosomes

In keeping with her appreciation of cutting-edge aesthetic science, Marlee has embraced regenerative medicine with products like Sculptra®, Dilute RADIESSE®, and exosomes. These anti-aging powerhouses allow patients to look rejuvenated and preserve a youthful appearance by stimulating the skin’s natural collagen production over time.

Favorite Brands

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Marlee Bruno; Injector, Teacher, Role Model

Marlee Bruno; Injector, Teacher, Role Model

As part of Marlee’s steadfast dedication to improving the aesthetics industry and the results for patients everywhere, Marlee openly accepts those new to the industry or veterans hoping to build new skills to Mind Body & Soul for a day of shadowing and learning. Marlee and the rest of the team offer hands-on instruction, shadowing, mentorship, and on-going coaching that give new injectors everywhere confidence and competence.

Marlee Bruno of Injector Coach Institute logo

Get to Know Marlee Bruno

Marlee is happily married to her husband, Eric, who she has two children with, Rebel and Magnus. In her own words, she has “a freeing presence, a warm personality, and a rebellious spirit,” which she brings to every aspect of her work and personal life. Marlee is also a certified master life coach with a focus in mindset coaching, and she strives to share what she’s learned to help others find their path. You can read about her unique journey in her autobiography — “Master of Pieces: The Tragic Comedy that is My Memoir.”

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Mind Body & Soul Medical Master of Pieces