Ingrid Patterson, LE, PMU
in Pensacola, FL

Licensed Esthetician Ingrid brings her skin-reviving specialties and infectious personality to Mind Body & Soul Medical!

Licensed Esthetician & Permanent Makeup Artist

Ingrid’s Education & Experience

Ingrid has worked as a licensed esthetician for seven years, and we’re so glad to have her join Mind Body & Soul Medical in 2023! Whether it’s helping patients with various skin concerns or effortlessly lifting up lashes, Ingrid focuses on achieving results that help patients see their own beauty inside and out just as she does! In 2018, Ingrid was awarded The Best of the Coast Aesthetician award, having previously come in as the runner up in 2017 and 2016. In addition to her role as an esthetician, Ingrid is also licensed as a permanent makeup artist, where she specializes in lip blushing and fine line tattoos.

Ingrid Patterson - LE, PMU

Services for Glow-Getters

Ingrid’s Favorites

There’s nothing Ingrid loves as much as customizing each treatment to perfectly suit every patient: her favorite treatments get you glowing and gorgeous!


The ultimate facial, for anything your skin needs, courtesy of Ingrid’s specialized care.

Chemical Peels

 Ingrid loves using chemical peels to revive your skin from deep beneath the surface.

Permanent Makeup

Ingrid enhances your natural beauty using her skill and passion for semi-permanent makeup, using effortlessly natural colors. Our Professional Perfectionist Devoted to Aesthetics

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Get to Know Ingrid Patterson

Ingrid rejoined the industry after opening her own business in 2019 and spending time with her family in 2020. Her patients inspire her dedication to her work every day, and she embodies the Mind Body & Soul Medical philosophy with her friendly demeanor as she connects aesthetics as it extends from holistic health. When she’s not busy at the office, you can find Ingrid spending time with her family, enjoying the gorgeous Florida beaches, and traveling.