Holistic Medical Treatments in Pensacola, FL

At Mind Body & Soul Medical, we’ll help you build a holistic foundation for your health and wellness, so you can thrive inside and out!

Medicine Addressing the Mind, Body, & Soul

Regenerative Medicine, Healing, & All-Over Wellness

At Mind Body & Soul Medical, we take a holistic and scientific approach when it comes to our Medical Treatments. Each of our treatment modalities has a scientific basis that connects to the idea of total body health. Whether we’re treating hormonal deficiencies or decreasing sources of strain, our goal is to restore balance in the body. Our customized treatment plans are a source of rejuvenation that will help you live your best life: confident, healthy, and naturally revitalized!

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Embrace Joy, Youth, and Vitality

An in-depth, scientific look at your unique physiology, paired with custom care is what you can expect from our medical treatments. Everything has a root cause, and our experts make it their mission to find it!

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Molecularly identical to the hormones that naturally occur in your body, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a wonderful way to restore balance and harmony back to your body. Hormone levels decline as we age and can simply fall out of balance due to numerous factors. Bioidentical hormones function exactly the same as naturally occurring estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, allowing men and women to combat a myriad of issues, from decreased libido and weight gain to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments

Customized to you, platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments use platelets from your blood to stimulate growth and rejuvenation. Platelets contain proteins, growth factors, and stem cells, and are a scientifically proven way to treat acne, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, crepey skin, hair loss, and injuries. Heal from the inside out with our selection of PRP treatments!

Platelet-rich plasma treatment

Medical Weight Loss

Forget crash dieting and tough times at the gym with no end in sight, because the team at Mind Body & Soul Medical is here to help you achieve the weight loss you always dreamed of! By looking at your medical history, lifestyle, lab findings, and goals, we can tailor a medical weight loss program for you. We’re also proud to offer a personal fitness program to help you achieve your body goals.

Woman smiling after Semaglutide / Ozempic

Semaglutide / Ozempic

A once-weekly injection, this next generation weight loss drug increases feelings of fullness and encourages the body to use its pre-existing fat stores for sustained, long-term weight loss!

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Tirzepatide – Mounjaro

This highly effective weekly injection is a novel treatment for obesity and is a great option for those seeking safe and sustained weight loss.

Personal Fitness

Personal Fitness

We partner with Rough House Fitness here in Pensacola to build the body of your dreams and enjoy the numerous benefits of regular exercise with our personal fitness programs!

Addressing Chronic Illness & Overall Wellness

Integrative Medicine

We’ve created the optimal environment to help your body heal itself. When we experience symptoms, we’re experiencing the manifestation of information sent as signals throughout our body. These signals require our attention and tell us to turn inward and heal. Integrative medicine begins by addressing your authentic self, the inner and true you that is often suppressed in present day. Our integrative medicine treatments include meditation, supplements, breathing techniques, yoga, and more to help your body not only heal, but truly thrive and flourish!

Build a Long-Term Wellness Plan with Our Team

Our team isn’t here to sell you services that only mask symptoms. We truly believe in the healing power inside each individual, and the numerous possibilities that come from being listened to, acknowledged, and provided with the correct information and care. Our entire team wants you to thrive and is passionate about ensuring your long-term success, in health and your overall wellbeing. As your copilots in care, we’re ready to set you on the path to success!