Jaime Conti, RN
in Pensacola, FL

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Jaime as our aesthetic experience manager, skilled Registered Nurse, and very own Pensacola native!

Morpheus8 Specialist

Jaime’s Education & Experience

Jaime has been working in healthcare for over two decades! She graduated from nursing school in 2012 and is pursuing her Bachelor’s in nursing. Jaime loves helping patients make a change in how they feel about themselves and helping them feel beautiful inside and out. A compassionate and skilled registered nurse, Jaime loves working with new advances in the industry that create instant results and provide longer lasting benefits, such as one of her specialties, PDO brow lifts.


Results for Today & Tomorrow

Jaime’s Favorites

Learn more about Jaime’s top services, which combine the best of aesthetic care with a focus on wellness.


Jaime specializes in this versatile powerhouse, capable of entirely rejuvenating your skin and more!

Medical Weight Loss

Helping patients shed weight pound by pound, Jaime’s holistic approach enables anyone to meet their goals.

Laser Hair Removal

No matter what part of your body she’s treating, Jaime will get you the hairless, smooth skin of your dreams effortlessly!

Jaime Conti - RN - PM

Our RN with an Eye for All Things Aesthetics

Get to Know Jaime Conti

Born and raised in Pensacola, Jaime brings a discerning eye for aesthetics to Mind Body & Soul Medical! When she’s not making patients’ dream results turn into reality, you can find her spending time with her husband, Brad, and caring for her two children. Jaime’s elevated tastes are evident in her enthusiasm for Chinoiserie, and if she weren’t a nurse, you’d find her working as a production designer!