LATISSE® in Pensacola, FL

Thanks to LATISSE®, a lush fringe of lashes is possible every day without mascara or extensions!

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grow lashes longer, fuller, and darker

What is LATISSE®?

LATISSE® is an FDA-Approved solution that’s applied to your eyelashes once a day to improve their fullness, length, growth, and color. Bambi eyes are easy with LATISSE® you simply use the applicator wand to apply it to the base of your upper lashes the same way you would apply eyeliner. Its innovative formula relies on growth-boosting bimatoprost to elongate the growth stage of your eyelashes, keeping them longer and thicker as they continually grow. With consistent use, LATISSE® can provide incredible results!
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Candidate Patient for Latisse at Mind Body & Soul Medical

Who is a Good Candidate for LATISSE®?

If you are looking to improve the length, thickness, volume, and pigmentation of your upper eyelashes, you’re likely a candidate for LATISSE®! This growth serum is suitable for every eye color, but if you have light colored eyes like light brown, blue, hazel, green, or grey, they may cause your eyes to permanently darken in some areas. If you have eye conditions like pink eye, glaucoma, inflammation, and dry eye disease, we’ll go over your candidacy in a thorough consultation to ensure that LATISSE® is your best option for lush lashes!

What Can I Expect from Using LATISSE®?

Before we prescribe you your first vial of LATISSE® serum, we’ll conduct a thorough consultation with you to ensure that LATISSE® is right for you. We want to know all about your goals, needs, and medical history to get you the best results possible!



In order to prepare for your treatment, you’ll want to make sure your eye area has first been thoroughly cleaned, and we recommend doing so before each application of the serum.

During Treatment


You’ll use the wand applicator to line your upper lashes in with the serum. If you’re unfamiliar or unsure how to do this, our team can give you a demonstration so that you’re comfortable performing your daily lash routine on your own!



Consistency is key when it comes to seeing dramatic results from LATISSE®! Make sure to apply your serum daily, and you should start seeing results as quickly as four to eight weeks! By week 16 of application, you’ll have gorgeous doll lashes.

Why Choose Us for LATISSE®?

At Mind Body & Soul Medical , we’re proud to offer our patients the level of care they deserve that ensures they get the results of their dreams. Our team are experts at what they do, whether it’s determining if a treatment is right for you or working with you long-term to get your ideal outcomes. When it comes to lashes and LATISSE®, we know what we’re doing and have the medical credentials and experience to show it. You can trust us to ensure that you get stunning lashes with LATISSE®, safely, when you choose us for this prescription treatment.