Tirzepatide-Mounjaro in Pensacola, FL

With Tizepatide-Mounjaro, you’ll always be in control of your weight loss journey. Discover how you can shed pounds effortlessly with this revolutionary medication at Mind Body & Soul Medical!

Medical Weight Loss

What is Tirzepatide-Mounjaro?

Tirzepatide-Mounjaro is a once-weekly injection that can help promote weight loss and functions similarly to semaglutide (Ozempic). Originally formulated to control blood sugar for diabetic patients, Tizepatide-Mounjaro helps the brain regulate several factors that contribute to weight gain that are otherwise hard to drop with conventional diet and exercise.

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What Are the Benefits of Tirzepatide-Mounjaro?

Treats Obesity as Metabolic Disease

Complete, compassionate care that accounts for all factors!

Quick, Weekly Injection

You can even do it yourself!

Manage Portion Control

Discover the easy way to pick your plate for maximum weight loss!

Safe for Long-Term Use

Crush your longer-term goals with Mounjaro.

No Unique Diet Necessary

Say goodbye to restrictive diets and odd cleanses!

Helps Drop 20% Bodyweight

Lose up to 20% of your body weight effortlessly!

Candidate Patient for Tirzepatide-Mounjaro at Mind Body & Soul Medical

Who is a Candidate for

Anyone with a high BMI, especially those falling in the obese range, is a candidate for weekly Tirzepatide injections to help lose weight. What we love about Mounjaro is that it’s safe for long-term use and can be used to treat a variety of needs. Our team will verify your candidacy during a thorough consultation, where we’ll also discuss your medical history and formulate what your medical weight loss journey will look like.

How Does Tirzepatide-Mounjaro Work?

Mounjaro is a dual-agonist injectable medication that acts upon two hormone receptors at the same time to control various bodily functions that impact things ranging from fullness and blood sugar to digestion. Tirzepatide stimulates hormones that lower blood sugar levels while increasing feelings of fullness. This appetite-minimizing effect helps trigger weight loss in obese and overweight patients.

How Fast Will I Lose Weight with Tirzepatide-Mounjaro?

How fast you lose weight taking Tirzepatide-Mounjaro depends on several factors, including your starting weight, goals, personal physiology, and dosage. We start off with a smaller dose to help you adjust to the treatment, which we can then gradually increase once we’ve established your baseline data. Patients taking the largest dose typically lose up to 21% of their body weight over the course of several months. You can also expect sustainable weight loss to take place over a longer period of time.

Why Choose Us for Tirzepatide-Mounjaro?

Our medical weight loss programs at Mind Body & Soul Medical are thoughtfully created by our compassionate team to help you meet and crush all your goals. Our experts will put you at ease throughout your journey with our thorough testing and care plans. When it comes to Tirzepatide-Mounjaro, we’re proud to be pioneering this new class of weight loss drug and help our patients live healthier lives. Discover what we can do for you by scheduling a consultation!