Aesthetic & Wellness Packages

Our expertly curated bundles are a perfect way to save on your new look!

Proprietary Packages Exclusive to Mind Body & Soul Medical

Aesthetic Treatments to Address Common Complaints

We created our treatment bundles to make it easier for our patients to get their desired results. Each package is backed by our years of experience and the extensive research we’ve conducted regarding our patients’ most common concerns. By bundling our treatments, we’re able to offer the most effective combination of services for different issues all at once, for an exceptional price!
Mind Body & Soul Medical aesthetic treatments - Back
Mind Body & Soul Medical aesthetic treatments - Front

Bundled Treatments to Achieve Optimal Results

We get to know our patients on a personal level, and there’s so much they’ve shared with us over the years about why they’ve chosen to get their aesthetic treatments. Whether it’s wanting to look younger but not knowing where to start, or trying to tackle multiple skin issues at once, our packages are the way to go to easily address all your concerns!

Mind Body & Soul Medical - The Marlee makeover
Mind Body & Soul Medical -  Liquid Confidence

Liquid Confidence

One syringe of lip filler, and two syringes of cheek filler, combined with 34 units of wrinkle-freezing neurotoxin for a more confident you.

Cost: $2282

Savings of: $460

Mind Body & Soul Medical - Divide & Contour

Divide & Contour

Four syringes of filler to lift and contour the face, especially around the temples, jaw, chin, and cheeks!

Cost: $2580

Savings of: $516

Mind Body & Soul Medical - The Lotus Lift
Mind Body & Soul Medical - Bridal Bundle

Bridal Bundle

Get wedding day ready with one syringe of filler, 30 units of neurotoxin, four microneedling sessions, and a medical grade skincare starter kit!

Cost: $2200

Savings of: $562

Mind Body & Soul Medical - Naked Face

Naked Face

Four microneedling treatments, four LED light therapy treatments, one month of NuSkin Liquid Collagen, and a customized skincare regimen for bare-faced beauty!

Cost: $1700

Savings of: $300

Mind Body & Soul Medical - Regenerate & Refresh

Regenerate & Refresh

Two rounds of dilute Radiesse or Sculptra paired with injectable exosomes.

Cost: $3800

Savings of: $600

Mind Body & Soul Medical - Microneedling with Exosomes

Microneedling with Exosomes

Three treatment sessions of SkinPen microneedling with topical exosomes for healthy and resilient skin.

Cost: $2000

Savings of: $400

Don’t See a Package for Your
Concern? No Problem!

If you don’t see a package deal listed above that addresses your concerns, don’t worry! Our team will work with you to find the right combination of treatments to help you achieve your desired results.