Mesotherapy in Pensacola, FL

Burn fat and soothe inflammation with personalized mesotherapy at Mind Body & Soul Medical!

Revitalizing Injections

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a simple procedure that helps burn fat while simultaneously addressing other skin concerns. Using fine needles, we inject specially tailored substances and homeopathic compounds, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, into the middle layer of your skin, which is known as the mesoderm. By delivering active ingredients directly into the targeted areas, we can stimulate cellular regeneration right where you want it, promoting the breakdown of fat or even increasing collagen production.

Mind body and Soul Medical Mesotherapy

What Can Mesotherapy Help With?

With mesotherapy, we can improve the appearance of the skin while minimizing inflammation, promoting weight loss through fat burning, and more. Mesotherapy can reduce cellulite, tighten loose skin, help contour the body, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, and lighten hyperpigmentation. We can also use it to burn fat in the stomach, thighs, hips, buttocks, legs, arms, and more for totally revitalized results!

What Can I Expect from Mesotherapy?

Prior to your appointment, we’ll conduct a thorough consultation with you to learn about your goals, needs, and expectations, and to cover your medical history. That way, we can ensure we’re formulating a mesotherapy treatment plan that’ll get you your dream results!

Before Treatment


Prior to your treatment, we’ll provide you with preparation instructions that will help ensure your mesotherapy appointment goes well.

During Treatment


We’ll first cleanse the targeted area with alcohol, and then apply a numbing cream. You shouldn’t feel much pain beyond a “pricking” sensation, and once you’re finished, we’ll give you a cool compress for the area.

After Treatment


After treatment, we recommend you avoid excessive heat and activity, whether it’s saunas, sun, steaming, or exercise. We also recommend avoiding alcohol to minimize swelling. If you do have swelling, apply a cool compress to the area for 15 minutes per hour.

Mind Body & Soul Medical mesotherapy candidate

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Who is a Candidate for Mesotherapy?

Anyone looking to burn fat or treat cellulite and other skin conditions naturally is a candidate for mesotherapy! While mesotherapy is suitable for most patients of all ages, we recommend that you be within five to 25 pounds off your ideal body weight. We’ll determine if mesotherapy is right for you during a thorough consultation.

Why Choose Us for Mesotherapy?

At Mind Body & Soul Medical, we’re proud to offer innovative treatments that are clinically proven to exceed our patients’ expectations. When it comes to mesotherapy, we’re skilled experts at providing customized solutions using botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and other agents that can get you your dream results. Our friendly and compassionate team are here to make sure you’re comfortable, and we can’t wait to help you crush your goals with our signature care at our stress-free practice.